Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not even really a craft, craft.

While they nap, I craft. It's quiet. SO very quiet. Crafting in the quiet. Oh yeah. Let me start by saying that I have a TON of things that I need to do. Special etsy orders for friends, photo props for another friend, CLEAN my house. But, nah. It's just too quiet.

Before it got quiet, I took down my Christmas cards from my Christmas card holder....and then I felt sad.

Before it got quiet I used my printer (I never use my printer, cricut, or any other noisy crafting tool during "quiet time.").
I printed some Valentine's Day words on card stock using a new fancy font that my sweet sis in law showed me how to download to my computer. Thx sis!
Once it was quiet (can you tell I love the quiet), I made a paper heart template and traced it around the fancy words to make some conversation hearts :-)

Then, after sitting still in the quiet for a few minutes (ha ha), I used my quiet scissors (he he) and cut them out.
Then I got distracted (what's new). I thought I would get fancy and hang the hearts from a branch that I took from the park earlier I {quietly} punched a bunch of holes in them. Hastily, I should say.

I yarn-ified my branch a bit....don't ask me why.
(at this point, I should have realized that this was not the direction I should be going). Alone in the quiet, I strung the hearts and circles from various lengths of yarn and hung them from the branch.
The hideousness that was described above went un-photographed. For a good reason. It was not cute.

So, the original plan of refilling my card holder resumed (& yep, it was still quiet).

I had to use 2 clips on each to cover up all of those hasty holes.
The font (called circus from da font) makes me happy :)

Big pic :)
(it even looks quiet, huh?? ha ha).
I hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. those are so cute, ali! i love the vintage style font you used! :)

  2. CUTE CUTE! I love the colors - such a happy little Valentine's Day board!

  3. Love that, so dang cute!!! I love a quiet house, just wish it lasted longer :)

  4. Too cute! You chose the perfect font too!

  5. :) you are funny, sister! They are adorable!

  6. Crafting fail averted! That font is so fitting for those hearts--they look great on your card holder. :)

  7. So fun and cute! And I can just picture you tip toeing around trying to be quiet! Thanks for joining the party!


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