Sunday, January 1, 2012

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!!!

Happy first day of 2012 people!!! HaPpY hApPy!!! We had a fun evening last night with friends and then came home to watch the ball drop on tv with my mom and sis. Noah fell asleep with like 5 minutes to go, but my girl Hayden made it all the way :)

I don't often make NY Resolutions, but this year I have a few that I should probably etch in the concrete in my front yard. Yep, they're that important. Here they are:

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. More specifically, exercise and eat a balanced diet. I have been REALLY bad over the last few months with making poor food choices and choosing tv and the couch over exercising (and it shows, oh boy does it show). My sis in law and I have created a little "healthy" exercising competition that involves a monthly prize of a Michael's gift card (the perfect motivator). I have NO choice, I will stick to this one. I WILL!!!!!

2. Yell at the kids less and embrace their kid-ness. Sometimes the little "kid" type things that they do drive me crazy. They make a mess, they ask a zillion questions, they whine. A LOT. But, I plan to try to do a better job of keeping things in perspective. It's a hard thought to swallow, but if my babies were taken from me suddenly, all of these "kid" things would be what I would miss most (& that thought just put a huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes).

3. Spend less money. I am not a BIG spender by any means. But, I do spend unnecessary hard earned dollars on less than necessary things. I let something like a trip to wal mart for diapers turn into a mini shopping spree which leads to more clutter and less "fun" money. I plan to make a change and limit the amount of unnecessary junk that I bring into my life.

That's it people. Three. Three BIG, life changing resolutions which will all help to make 2012 the best year yet! I'm not even going to say "fingers crossed" like I normally would because I am really giving myself NO choice for failure. Nope. NO choice!!!! Watch my dust :)

Oh yeah - and a quick shameless plug if you don't mind.......(remember Cassie, that's the sign I got at the Rose Bowl).

Valentine's Day is creeping it's way in my etsy shop and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks. I tend to sell items on etsy, the way I like to shop on etsy. Meaning, good quality, cute items at affordable prices :)  Happy shopping people!


  1. you know i LOVE those buntings and i did recognize he sign! :) and love your resolutions! they are perfect- i esp love number 2 (eew that doesn't sound right)
    and your shop will also be getting a plug on friday because lisa from a vintage vine is my guest and i wrote about our love for your shop! :)

  2. Happy New Year Sis!!! I know that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and will support you in any way that I can (excluding running with you (ick) and yelling at your kids less (I'm kind of grumpy) and talking you out of buying things (because lets be honest, I would never be good at that! Ha!!))......JUST KIDDING!!! I love you and know that you can do it!!! I will watch your dust (and then you can teach me all of your tricks!!). I need a heart bunting asap, by the way, so get cutting!!! xo xo xo Happy 2012!!

  3. Two things:

    A. Good luck with the resolutions! I know you can do it! Except for....

    B. You are going down! Down! Down! Down! I expect a great many Michael's gift cards coming my way very soon. *evil laugh* mwahaha!

  4. Oh - and I love the bunting!!!!

  5. Such great resolutions! I need to do those things too. I'm actually pretty good with exercising, a result one of last year's resolution surprisingly, but I could eat better. That's actually one of my resolutions- less processed food. And I big fat heart your cute buntings! I want a heart one too, so as your sis said- get cutting! ;)

  6. LOVE the Michaels reward...I might eat better too if I knew I could win! lol!

  7. happy New Year!! I think your resolutions are awesome and very attainable. i can completely relate to all of them! Especially the second one (i'll leave the potty jokes to cassie ;))

  8. oh and I big fat puffy heart all of your new vday stuff!!


  10. Lisa's comment cracked me up! That's a sister kind of comment for sure. :)

    I'll be cheering you on as you work towards your resolutions this year, Ali! If I made a resolution for 2012--and I probably should--it would be very similar to your #2. I still yell more than I'd like and I just need to take a chill pill. Simple as that!

    If you're looking for any advice on #s 1 and 3, I highly recommend Leslie Sansone's Walk Aerobics DVDs for exercise. I originally found them through my local library and ended up buying several on ebay and Amazon for good deals. I'm not exactly coordinated so I can't do complicated aerobic workouts and I loathe running any more. Leslie can definitely be cheesy but her walks will get you sweating!

    And for the saving money resolution, last year we went to a cash basis for most of our purchases. My husband gets paid monthly, so that made it a little easier to do, but after moving money to pay online bills and to put a few $$ into savings, I pull the rest out in cash to pay for groceries/house stuff, gas, a couple of the bills that I can pay in person, and my spendy money. I laminated fabric and made cute zippered pouches to keep the money in, which honestly makes this whole system more fun. By switching to cash, it keeps me *much* more conscious of my spending. You might try it and see if it works for you!

  11. P.S.--I'm dying over the doily and heart banner! Let me go check my spendy money balance...haha!


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