Friday, January 13, 2012


First day back at the gym in the new year was yesterday - check!
Ate healthy ALL day today - check!!
Organized Noah's room - check!! YAY!!!!!
This whole "back to the grind" thing is pretty cool :)

Our house is not "done" by any means. There are a zillion things that need to be done. The 5 year plan involves a new kitchen, back yard, bathroom makeovers etc. But, in the meantime, I would love it if each room looked at least halfway decent. Ha ha! Not too much to ask, right?! For the most part, most of the rooms in our house are pretty "ok" looking. Some are better than others for sure, but you can pretty much tell that someone loves and cares about the way this house looks & feels (that's me if you didn't catch that). Anyway, Noah's room was the last room that was.....well.......neglected. Here's a pic (& when I say neglected, I don't mean's pretty much always gonna be messy, ha ha).

BEFORE: (ick)
The hand-me-down furniture (which we so appreciate btw) gave it sort of a "yard sale" look. Not so chic.
Nothing really "fit," it was all unorganized, and just plain icky. I convinced Josh that this room needed immediate attention. Although his general opinion is that a boy's room should be functional, not necessarily stylish. Nope. Disagree.

Poof!!! Gone!!!
We dragged the tall one out to the curb and within minutes it had found a new home (& my mom is going to use the dark one at her house).

Ha ha!! What now!? Well, I'll show you :)

Ta-daa!!!!! Ikea saved the day!! YAY!!!
The "expedit" shelving unit from Ikea (starting to wonder if I will ever not have Ikea furniture in my house - ha ha). The 4x4 cube shelving unit (in new lacquer white finish) was $149 and the 4 black bins on the bottom row were an additional $4.99 each. Not super duper cheap all together, but considering how much bigger it makes the itty bitty room feel, I think it was well worth it!

And now I have an awesome display space for our globe collection :)
Ultimately I would like to do some sort of wall treatment like stripes or something, but that will happen later. I also want to give him new bedding and curtains....I want kind of a red/white/blue type feel to go with the maps and globes. If you can't already tell, I like a mis-matched eclectic "collected" look :)
Oooh, and I found these awesome union jack pillows at goodwill for $2.99 each - score!
I'm so happy that my little boy's room is on it's way to being a clean and more functional space.
Check!!! Ha ha, I love the way that sounds :)
Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!


  1. the room just has a fresher , cleaner, more ali look! i love it! and i am sure noah does, too! :)

  2. That's a whole lot of checks in one day Ali! The room looks great! I always see that book case with globes on it, even at my daughter's house. I love your collection!

  3. It looks great! Love the globe collection and his big red N. Nice job!

  4. Looks great! I LOVE those shelves - I may or may not have 3 in our house... ;)

  5. It looks so nice and organized, great work! Love all the globes on top. I have a globe collection too but still need a good spot for it. :)

  6. Ikea rocks my socks! It's soooo much prettier and organized, great job!

  7. It really does look so much better, sister!! Nice work. xox

  8. Great job, Ali! Please tell Noah that Grandma LOVES his new room!

  9. This looks so good Ali! Love the look of those shelves!!

  10. Wow, you are on the ball! Noah's room looks so pulled together now! P.S.--Love those Union Jack pillows--that was a crazy-good score!


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