Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Hawaii LOVE}

Well friends, I'm back in action! Just like that, thrown back into the day to day routine. I crawled into bed at Midnight on Monday and Josh left for work at 5:30am Tuesday. Left me alone with a clean house (thanks honey), sweet/sassy kiddos, and my icky suitcase to unpack. I missed my family tons while I was gone, but was so happy to get away for a bit. I'll admit it wasn't the most relaxing vacation.......there was wedding mania to keep me busy, but I loved it just the same. Here's a brief re-cap of my trip :)
Friday, I arrived at the rental house (& wedding venue) and took in the gorgeous North Shore view!!
The inside view was a bit more ca-razy!! Ha ha
ALL of these vases needed to be filled with flowers and candles for the wedding the next day. ALL of them, ha ha!!!

Needless to say, after the rehearsal & dinner were over, we got right to work!!!
The next morning, we had this to show for our hard work :)

The calm before the storm.....
We had a ton of people helping, which was awesome!!! Once we got moving, things came together really well!! Here are some shots of the set-up:

I was on chalkboard duty so pretty much all of the chalkboards you see were done by me ;)

The tables looked great too!!! One of the girls taught herself a seashell napkin fold :)

I made these cute signs for the kids to carry before the bride walked down the aisle. They weren't the easiest things to carry on the plane, but I made it work :)

It was a beautiful ceremony with the beach as the backdrop! Gorgeous!

Ha ha!!!!

Cathy (my close friend & hair dresser) was my travel buddy :)
The wedding was a blast (in fact, my legs are still sore from dancing, ha ha)
and the view did not disappoint!

We danced late into the night and all had a great time!!!

My date and I :)

The day after the wedding, we left the North Shore and headed to Waikiki for some relaxing :)

And the final day before heading to the airport was spent here:
Cathy and I both agree that we needed ONE more magical day to lay here and do absolutely nothing :)
(sad to say, I actually came back from Hawaii without much of a tan. Bummer!)
It was a GREAT trip and I made lots of fun memories with my friends. I definitely want to take a family vacation to Hawaii some day, my kids would LOVE it!!! They liked their souvenirs that I brought back for them (although they liked the free airplane headphones even better).
(isn't that coconut purse the cutest??!!) Silly kids!!!!

Ok, now back to the grind :)


  1. i just woke up from a nap- seriously. i never nap but i was beat and it is gray and rainy here, so i talked emmy into cuddling with me and turned on the tv in our room for her and napped. anyhow, this was the first thing i looked at after waking up (ok, well after feeding the dogs and getting emmy a snack) and it is a breath of fresh air- so so beautiful! i love the table with the suitcase- adorable! and the bride is STUNNING. oh and your signs fro the kiddos to carry were awesome!!!!!!

  2. Oh wow! Your trip looks amazing - what a pretty wedding! Glad you are back!

  3. I am soooo jealous that I had to stay here while you were in paradise, but thank you for "including" me so much. I felt like I could see it all for myself. I am SO happy that you had a gopd time and could be there to support our friend. Welcome home sissy. Now stay here -- we've got other things on the horizon ;) xoxoxoxoxoox

  4. Beautiful pictures, Ali - the beach and the wedding all look fabulous! Glad to have you home, kid. :)

  5. What a beautiful wedding! And what a great getaway from the real world!

  6. Thank you for all your help! I couldnt have done it without you! Love you tons!!!

  7. That was a beautiful wedding in paradise! I love Hawaii. You all did a great job of putting it all together and your signs were fun! She was a lovely bride. Glad you got a little escape for a few days!

  8. I totally have the same "hang loose" hat as you!! Hahah!

  9. Lucky, lucky you, Ali, in all the gorgeous tropical sunshine! So glad you had fun and I LOVE all the craftiness you injected into the wedding. The chalkboards look fab and my heart totally went pitter-patter over the bunting signs the kids carried!

    Oh, and speaking of bunting...the valentine doily bunting garland arrived while I was out of town. I gleefully opened the box yesterday when I returned and the garland is now hanging on my dresser mirror. Thank you--it's just perfect!


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