Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Etsy Faves...

I fell off the wagon a bit and haven't done a "Friday's Etsy Faves" in a while. I love love love browsing around Etsy and I really do love sharing with you the happy treasures that I find there :)

First up today, just LOOK at this super adorable retro Valentine banner from RawBone Studio. SO stinkin' adorable!!!

My next fave is this super cute mustache calendar from Two Pooch Paperie. Ha ha!! Love it!
I am also lovin' this cute personalized leather business card holder from Bambina. I desperately need something cute to keep my business cards in (my purse is essentially a trash can at this point).

And my final fave for the day are these super "now" tags from REDSTARink . I love the pattern and colors on these :)
Freakin' Etsy!!! I LOVE U!!!!
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)


  1. All awesome faves, sister!!!! :) I like your style!

  2. Oh, Ali, thanks so much for this! I'm going to get out some old valentines from the 50's (mine) and the 40's (my mom's) and string them up!

  3. DUDE! If you can inspire 4kidsgrandma to make a craft - wowee! - you're A-OK in my book!

  4. loving your blog, hun. totally following. these are great finds. i hope you had a fabulous weekend. stop by sometime. xo

  5. I need those today = )

  6. Ha, ha, Darcy! Anyway, I did it with just my mother's old 1940's valentines, but I couldn't space them out like RawBoneStudio did. I had too many of them & wanted to use them all. I bought some narrow red glitter ribbon and some white mini-clothespins (with attached red hearts) to go with some red ones I had on hand. I strung 'em all under the mantel...looks cute. Thanks, Ali!


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