Saturday, December 31, 2011

Catching up...

Hi there! I hope you are all having a happy New Year's Eve so far. Whew! The end of December is proving to be rather busy (fun, but busy). I just wanted to catch up on a few things that have been happening lately or things that I missed blogging about earlier.

Earlier in the month, while we were showering my sis and baby Oliver, my dad took Noah (off of our hands) to the Long Beach Aquarium. Here are a couple pictures of their adventures :)

According to my dad, Noah's favorite "attraction" at the aquarium was the choo choo train that circled the Xmas tree. Ha ha! Do you see that HUGE aquarium to the right of the tree?? Apparently the train trumps that thing. Huh? Who knew!!?
Ha ha!

They had a GREAT time together and it was really helpful to have Noah taken care of while we were throwing the baby shower of the year, ha ha!

I also wanted to share a couple pictures from Hanukkah. I am Jewish on my dad's side and every year we have a get together to light the candles, play dreidel, and hang out (my dad forgot his yamaka so he covered his head with a napkin - ha ha). On the last night, everyone gets to light a candle...oldest to youngest.

AND, yesterday we spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm. It was Firefighters and Law Enforcement in free day so we went and had some fun. It was SUPER crowded, but we still got on all the rides that we wanted to :)

We had SO much fun and can't wait until next year when we can go again :)
Tonight we are headed to a friend's house for a family friendly NYE celebration :)
Have a SAFE & Happy New Year's everyone!!! See ya next year (hardy har har)!


  1. looks like noah had a great time with your dad- and sawyer would have also seen the train as the best part!!! the menorah looks so beautiful and i love the tradition of everyone lighting it from oldest to youngest- that is really special.
    and knott's berry farm (aka disneyland to my dad!) looks like so much fun! what a great way to end the year!
    we are teh family friendly house for tonight- two neighbor couples are coming with their kids. no one has to drive and we can all relax and have fun! happy new year!

  2. Your little family of 4 makes me smile!!!! Xoxo that's all I want to say about that!!! Love u!! Xo

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family, Ali!

  4. Love the pictures!! Such a beautiful family!! Happy New Year!! XOXO


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