Friday, December 16, 2011

Guest Posting.......etc.

Hi everyone!!!!! You can find me sharing my holiday pom pom mania today over at Before Meets After!! Come on over and say hey!!!

Crafty Christmas

I also wanted to share a couple quick pictures that made my heart extra happy today....

It's holiday hat day today at Kindergarten :)
This morning when I was sleeping, I heard the voice of a very excited boy say "Mommy - wake up!!" taking note of the 6:45am wake-up call, I slowly sat up. Noah had this in his hand for me :)
Made with his 2 little hands at school {sigh}. It came with this sweet note too:
Today, like most ALL days, I am a happy mama!!
Happy Friday everyone, have a GREAT weekend!!!


  1. awwwwww.....LOVE him!!! Heading over to check out pom-mania 2011!!!

  2. What a cutie....going to check out your guest post!! Happy Holidays!

  3. that's too sweet! what a sweet little guy :) his cousin Parker will love seeing him and playing with him one day, I showed him your xmas card and we talk about his cousins in CA and he can't wait to get out there to meet Noah and Hayden (and Oliver soon too)

  4. I am off to check it out! Your poms poms rock.

  5. Noah's such a sweet little all-boy!


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