Saturday, December 10, 2011

Showering Lisa....part 1.

Whew!!!! I-am-tired!!! We survived my sweet sister's fabulous baby shower and we had a blast. It was a bit of a whirl wind filled with tons of happy people, yummy food, and FuN! I have been prepping for this shower for a few weeks and it feels so great that it exceeded our expectations in every way. Yay! Here are a few teaser pics of the decor & food. My sweet friend Kelly with Bubba-loo photography took a billion awesome pictures so as soon as I can get my hands on them I will share more :)

Mason jars and paper straws from Hey-YoYo!! {LOVE}.

Thirsty anyone??
Our sweet friend Kirstin provided the gorgeous flowers :)

Lemons!!!! Awesome!!
Healthy munchies...

The spread...
Happy pom pom sandwich picks for the build-your-own sandwich buffet....
Gourmet pasta salad made by my Mama....
Sweets..... (I baked!!! Can you believe it!? ha ha)

Pom pom photo garland....

Funky favors :)
"Ollie-pops" and Vintage style slide whistles so we can "whistle while we wait" for baby Oliver. Kind of silly, ha ha!

"Games." My sis isn't really into shower games so the few that we did were pretty easy going and fun (ie, guess how many lemonheads are in the jar.....and yes we chose to do this because the lemonheads went well with the color theme. ha ha).
And last but not least the loot!!!
This was only about half of the awesomenss that she got. Oliver is such a lucky baby!!!
Sorry for picture mania...ha ha, there are more to come in the future too!!
Thanks to all of my sweet friends that helped set up, contributed money and time, brought flowers, took pictures etc. You girls ROCK!!!!! Yay for baby showers!!!


  1. It was totally fun and the decor was beautiful!!! Happy baby shower!

  2. Everything looks so great, awesome job Ali! I love the pom pom toppers and garlands, the cupcakes, the jars and straws, all the vintage touches, and well, basically everything! Lisa is lucky to have a sister like you. :) If I have a girl next, I want you to do my shower! ;)

  3. everything looks amazing! i love the pom pom garland with photos. i almost want to have a baby so you can throw me an awesome shower! almost, but not quite.

  4. It all looks so happy and bright! What fun! Surely Baby Oliver will be showered with love!

  5. Yay!! It was soooo amazing! Sister, you knocked it out of the park!!! I honestly think you could get rich doing this for a living -- but I don't really want to share you so we will have to discuss ;) Words cannot express how lucky I feel to have you as my sister. Thank you so much for your love and support and your savvy crafty fashion sense and party throwing capabilities!! I love you!

  6. Oh what a fun shower! Love the color scheme, your cheery pom poms and all of the adorable details. The food looks great. I am eyeing the sweets you made...they look yummy. You two are so lucky to have such a close bond. I bet Lisa had an amazing day and felt so loved. When is little Oliver due?

  7. How cute! Everything looks so pretty and fun!! I love baby showers!!

  8. Ali, Lisa's shower was perfect! She's so lucky to have you, and vice versa!

  9. Above: While this showerhead is a bit more robust in water consumption and cost than the others, bestshowerheads

  10. This was only about half of the awesomenss that she got. Oliver is such a lucky baby!!!
    Sorry for picture mania...ha ha, there are more to come in the future too!!


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