Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Mantle - Sort of done :)

Happy Moan-day everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend. We had a great time getting our tree (the best one we've ever gotten if I do say so myself), and I'll be back soon to show you what she looks like all fancied up. I'm in the process of making a tree topper because I'm just not feeling my old one anymore. Stay tuned for that, fingers crossed that it turns out cool :)

I'm sort of done with my mantle so I thought I'd give you a peek. I'm struggling with filling the empty space in the middle and need to give it some more thought. Here are some pics :)

HAPPY pom pom mania!!! Ha ha! Pom poms are my "theme" this year. They're so bright and cheery and they make me smile. (just pretend Hayden's stocking isn't all sideways, k??)

Happy close-up :)
I had some strands of white beads that I got at Ikea a couple years ago. I just made a bunch of pom poms that matched my wreath, and tied them to the beads. Easy :)

I also got these little white metal pots and faux greenery at Ikea this year. I wanted some sort of "natural" element to tie it all in the with Christmas tree.

The middle of the mantle is what is tripping me up. I'm debating on just getting one more pot and plant and then evenly spacing all 5 of them out on the mantle. Would that look boring?? My Michael's doesn't have those cool paper mache letters otherwise I would spell a holiday word and wrap it in bright yarn. Hmmm. Thoughts??
Mr.Elf made himself at home in the wreath yesterday :)
Also, this is the week leading up to my sister's baby shower so I have been "ollie-crafting" my brains out (my new nephew will be named Oliver in case ollie-crafting had you confused). I will definitely have a zillion pictures to share after the shower but at the moment I am working on these.....
What are they?? Cupcake picks :)
And I also have a few pom pom garlands in the works...
I have SO much more to do and I am already getting a yarn callus. Ha ha!!!
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow or Wednesday with the reveal of my pretty tree complete with handmade topper. We'll see how it goes :)
Have a GREAT week people!!


  1. oh i love it and it totally suits you- bright and cheery!!! love the pom poms and the wreath of course. so what kind of topper did you decided to make???

  2. It is so pretty and festive and fun! Yay! I can't wait to see your new topper - you WILL pull it off :) Thanks for Ollie-crafting - he is a super lucky guy to have such an amazing Auntie xo

  3. Lookin' good girl! As for the empty space I don't have an amazing idea, but if you have any green garlands you could drape on the the top that might help fill it in. Or maybe a bowl of ornaments? I don't know, but it looks good already!

  4. Looking lovely....I say add the other greenery and make it 5! That is not boring, nor could this mantel ever be boring!! Love all the pom-poms, I have a slight addiction to them too!

  5. Ali, your mantle looks wonderful! It is so fun! Bright, cheery and festive! How about one of those cute sock monkeys sitting right in the middle? You could get a tiny Santa hat and add one of your pom poms on the tip of his hat. Just a thought! You could also leave it as is because I think your mantle looks fabulous. I ordered a polka dot sock monkey from Pam. Thanks for her info!

  6. Love the pompoms with the bow!! super cute!! What a festive mantle.. I love the idea of a word of some kind! JOY????

  7. Loving the cheery and bright pom poms everywhere!! Your mantle looks fab! :)

  8. It's so happy and festive! I love it, Ali!

  9. I love the pompoms!!!I make in my house too!!

  10. Ok, now those pompoms are stinkin' cute!!! LOVE it!!!! Seriously LOVE IT!!!!!!!! And if I could use a million exclamation marks, I would!!!!! :D


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