Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday's Etsy Faves...

Happy happy Friday everyone! It's pajama day at school today and Noah is thrilled! My house is 1/3 of the way decorated and I'm hoping we can get our tree on Sunday. The tree is really the BEST part!

Here are my Etsy fave's for this week......

First up today is this happy print from Studio Mela. We are doing a gift exchange with Josh's side of the family and I added this print to my wish list. It has such happy colors and I love the message :)

Next up on my lists of faves is this dainty personalized bracelet from Frosted Willow . I love the simple and classic look of it and it would go with everything! Love it!
Next, I am seriously loving these new baker's twine colors from Bella Creationz 4 u. It comes in SO many pretty colors, I want them all. In the past, I have purchased all of my baker's twine from this shop. Their prices are great and they have a great variety of colors. Oh yeah, and I am SO SO lucky because I just recently won a giveaway from the twinery of their 14 color sample pack of twine. Dying of excitement!!!!
Next on my list is this amazing chalkboard map from Dirtsa studio. Seriously! I'm in love!!!!! They have CA shaped ones too! Dying!
And last but not least, look at how cute this vintage paper bunting is from Retro Print. I mean come on, really!!?? If I had a super cute vintage play room, I would buy this in a heartbeat!
Seriously Etsy, you own my heart!!!! I could just browse on there for hours and hours!! I want it ALL!!!! Muahahahahhahahah (that's my evil shopping laugh!).

Happy Friday everyone :)


  1. oh i love love love it all! and that bunting just gave me an awesome idea.... he he. i will share, don't worry. and i saw you won the twine and was fuming in jealousy... i mean screaming and jumping up and down for you. :) love and miss you. does may come after december?

  2. So many pretties! I really REALLY shouldn't read your etsy posts. Etsy is my weakness! I spend too much money on there without even realizing it. Aghhh! And congrats on winning the twine, lucky you! :)

  3. I LOVE all of your picks, sister! & you have to share your twine with me (as soon as I learn how to make ANYTHING that I might be able to use it for!!! Sheesh!! I suck! We are not twins - LOL).


  4. I went on an etsy buying spree for my wedding and for xmas this year! LOVE LOVE!

  5. Seriously with that bunting! The cuteness!

  6. The bracelets are really darling...congrats on winning the bakers twine...UM, wonder how you will use it?

  7. I already bought some of that cute twine!!!! Great picks!


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