Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happiness is......

Happiness is..............Getting my packages wrapped EARLY this year (in cute wrapping paper) so I can relax more on Xmas eve :)
Happiness is........the fact that my SWEET husband planted holiday flowers for me because he knew I have ALWAYS wanted to but never ever have (thanks babe)!!
Happiness is..........Christmas cards filling up their fancy holders :)

Happiness is..............this happy little house that the kids and I made to surprise daddy :)

Happiness is...................This silly snowman counting down the last days until Christmas :)
Happiness is.......my sweet boy picking these lights out at Target and insisting that they hang over the door to his room to "welcome his guests."
Happiness is.......going with the family last night to the fantastic Christmas Light house that has music themed lights covering their house. See this post from last year for more pics.
.....and watching this little girl discover that she loves "warm" apple cider :)

.............and watching these goofballs enjoy the show of holiday awesomeness :)
And last but not least, happiness is having GETTING to go shopping these last few days before Christmas and being someone that LOVES holiday shopping crowds (not joking). I am a happy co-shopper and love the hustle and bustle that this time brings (the trick is to NEVER be in a rush and to just go with the flow).
Happy Tuesday everyone!!! xoxo


  1. Way to go with the presents all wrapped, I'm never that on it. :) And Noah and Hayden are so so so cute, I really love Hayden's hat!

  2. oh i love that noah got some fun lights! love that!!!! and i think i have some just like it that i totally forgot about because they are in a box in emmy's closet- next year! :)
    and that pic of hayden is priceless!!!!!!!! i love how happy and satisfied she looks.
    happiness is....
    having awesome friends who are always in your heart even if they are on the other side of the country.

  3. I love it all! Everything here makes me happy too!! And I'm with you - I love Christmas shopping crowds!!

  4. Happiness to me is . . . all of those things too!! & I love shopping with you (even if I have to pee from the time we start to the time we finish - LOL). I love you sister! Happiness is having you as my twinny always!!

  5. I love it all!!! Everything i do with the family makes me happy!!

  6. You surely have happiness going on over there! I remember the pics from last year, I need to check them out again! The kids are darling and have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. You're so sweet :) You always have such a cheerful and happy outlook on life.

    Happiness is.... knowing you!

    Pamela @ pbjstories.com

  8. Happiness is...
    Having Josh as my son, Ali as my "daughter" and Noah and Hayden as our wonderful, precious grandchildren. Love you, Ali!


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