Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas Eve!! We are getting ready to head over to my in-laws for a day filled with family, laughter, yummy food, and presents!!! YAY!!!! this morning the kiddos and I made some yummy treats for Santa!
The little ones like to add the m&m's :)
YUMMY!!!! Mr.Elf told me that OUR Santa LOVES rice krispy treats ;)

And we also did a quick craft for Grandma. I got this little kit on clearance at Michael's because I thought the little pom pom angels had a vintagey look :)

Ta-daa!!!! Aren't they CUTE??
I love them!!! We saved one for our tree too :)

Then wrapped up the others for Grandma, Auntie Darcy, & Nana.
Merry Christmas everyone!!! May your holiday be MeRrY and BrIgHt!!!!! xoxo


  1. You've been a busy mama this morning. I woke up at 11:00!! (I know, I know, my time with that is limited - dang it!). I love you and your sweet, sweet kiddos. Those angels are SO adorable and I love me some rice crispy treats. Please tell Santa to leave one (actually...tell him to leave a BIG one) for Auntie!! xo

  2. the ornaments are adorable!
    and i hears rice krispie treats were santa's favorites!

  3. Merry Christmas, Ali! Hope you and your family had a wonderful day together yesterday! That photo of you, Noah and Hayden all crafting together is seriously worth framing. Too cute! Jacob was so into crafting this year, I just loved it. Gotta pass on that crafting gene to our kids. :)

  4. What a lucky Santa getting some rice krispy treats!! Looks, like a joyous Christmas was had by all!!! =)

  5. I love my little angel and will hang it proudly on our tree every year!


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