Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Q & A

Happy Hump-day everyone!! I'm still working on my tree topper and crafts for the baby shower this Saturday. BUT, I saw this fun holiday questionnaire on Cassie's blog so I thought I'd give it a whirl :)

1. egg nog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Egg nog is YUCK!

2. does santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Usually wraps them, unless they are HUGE or really oddly shaped. I've been known to cover a big gift with a throw blanket a time or two. Ha ha!

3. colored lights on tree/house or white? White lights on the tree for me. I have a ton of colorful ornaments (& this year, pom poms) so the white lights let the ornaments shine. On our house, we have the large bulbs that are alternating red and white like a candy cane :)

4. do you hang mistletoe?  Sometimes. This year we have a kissing ball crystal thingy.

5. when do you put your decorations up? Usually on December 1st.

6. what is your favorite holiday dish? The homemade tamales that we make with my mom every year. She does most of the work and they are TO DIE FOR!

7. favorite holiday memory as a child? I would say my favorite holiday memories are when my sister, brother, and I would sleep in the den and my Nana's house on Christmas Eve. We would try SO hard to wait up for Santa but we never made it. We would hear my mom and my Nana in the kitchen until late at night wrapping gifts and chatting the night away. They were having so much fun in there, the thought of it makes me smile.

8. when and how did you learn the truth about santa? I honestly can not remember. I think over time I just sort of figured it out but in my family, it was important to keep believing for all of my younger cousins. Evenutally, as I got older, I ended up in the happy kitchen late at night with my mom and Nana, wrapping and chatting the night away.

9. do you open a gift on christmas eve? As a child I never did. Now that I am grown, we usually spend Christmas eve at my in-law's house where the kids get gifts and the adults draw names and have a gift exchange. Our personal family gifts and Santa gifts are opened on Christmas morning.

10. how do you decorate your christmas tree? White mini lights, gold balls, lots of small colorful meaningful ornaments, and this year, a bunch of brightly colored yarn pom poms :)

11. snow! love it or dread it? LOVE it!  I've never actually had a white Christmas before, but it sounds dreamy.

12. can you ice skate? I used to when I was a little girl, but it has been over a decade since I've done it. Noah is dying to go, so I may give it another try.

13. do you remember your favorite gift? Probably the Barbie Dream House or my Cabbage Patch Kid. Tough call!

14. what's the most important thing about the holidays for you? Family and food! LOTS of food!

15. what is your favorite holiday dessert? Pan Dulce (aka Mexican sweet bread). We get it every year and it tastes perfect after the tamales. Mmmm.
16. what is your favorite holiday tradition? On Christmas morning when just the 4 of us wake up early and Josh and I drink coffee while watching the kids open their stockings. It's probably my favorite part of the whole day.

17. what tops your tree? Usually a sparkly star. This year I'm attempting to make my own funky tree topper with glittery card stock and yarn. We'll see how it goes.

18. which do you prefer: giving or receiving? I'm not going to lie, I definitely like both. But, I get giddy when I watch someone open something special that I bought or made for them.

19. candy canes: yuck or yum? Yum.

20. favorite christmas movie? A Christmas Story (& secretly, a Very Brady Christmas - ha ha, I know,  I know).

21. saddest christmas song? Nope. Can't think of any.

22. what is your favorite Christmas song? I've always really loved "O' Holy Night. I pretty much love all Christmas songs though :)

That was fun!!!
Your turn! Copy and paste it into your blog and spill your holiday beans :)

Oh yeah, and here are some tree decorating pics :)

Hayden did a great job "helping" me hang up the ornaments.....
Ha ha!! Yep, that's like a zillion ornaments all hanging off of one hook. Classic!
Happy holidays everyone!


  1. this was so fun to read! i need to see a very brady christmas- i used to looooove the brady bunch.
    your memories sound so sweet and i really enjoyed reading them. i am looking forward to seeing your topper.
    and my tree is bottom heavy with some ornaments on the same branches, too, but the kids had fun, and to me, christmas is all about them.

  2. The tree is looking good, I hope we get more pics soon.....you don't like Egg nog? I love it...your trip/sleepover at Nana's house sounds like something I would do too!

  3. That was fun to read! I must admit I have a deep hatred A Christmas Story... I may be the only one, but I've never seen A Very Brady Christmas and I used to love the brady bunch. I may have to check it out!

  4. I love your answers....this post makes me smile (& tear up a little, if I'm being hones :'( ). I love you sister!!

  5. It was fun to read your answers! I'm a hot chocolate and egg nog gal. Egg nog in small doses! I love the last photo and the bunch of ornaments hanging together. Your kids are so cute!

  6. ha! Parker decorated our tree in a similar way - lots of ornaments all in a row at the bottom of the tree :) too cute!
    love your xmas confessions - and I love how much you love xmas... we love it at our house too - a whole month of WONDERFULLNESS


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