Thursday, December 15, 2011


Happy Thursday everyone!!! Are you hanging in there until Friday?? I am "ish" Ha ha!!! Well, I wanted to show you some of the family pictures that we had taken by my sweet friend Kelly with Bubba-loo Photography. Kelly has been my friend since Kindergarten and she is a CRAZY talented photographer (note the emphasis on crazy...ha ha, j/k Kell). Anyway, a couple years ago she took some amazing pictures of my kids. However, it has been quite a while since we had family pictures taken. Let me tell you people, Kelly did NOT disappoint. Here are a couple of my favorites :)

Hayden  (this may be my #1 favorite picture out of the whole bunch......and no, those are not hair extensions. Someone actually asked me if they were, ha ha)

Noah (look at those cute freckles)...
The Fam :)

The love birds....(ha ha)
And the Fam again :)
There were outfit changes, tantrums, etc, but we suffered through and Kelly got some AMAZING shots!!! If you are in SoCal and want to have beautiful pictures of your family taken, hire Kelly!! You will be thrilled with your pictures (& it helps that she is one of the sweetest people I know).
Thank you SO much Bubba-loooooooooooooooooooo!!!!  xoxo


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! You are a beautiful family!!

  2. you already know i think these are stunning pictures! your family is gorgeous! and that pic of hayden is amazing, but i have to say i don't believe in putting extensions in toddlers. ha ha!!!! totally kidding!!!!! ;)

  3. They turned out amazing! You have such a gorgeous family! :)

  4. LOVE the family photo and the others are great, too!


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