Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NO peeking....a Xmas craft for Daddy.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! Are you scrambling at the last minute to shop, wrap, bake??? I sort of am, but having tons of fun doing it. The kids and I worked on a gift for Josh last night and I thought I would share it with you (JOSH - I already told you NOT to read this post!!!!! Log off NOW).

I consider myself to be a crafty gal, but when it comes to Christmas gifts, I am more of a shopper than a maker. I am a very good shopper (meaning I find great gifts at great prices) and the season is usually too hectic for me with Etsy and my own crafts to get gifty crafty.

Well, this year the kids and I got a bit crafty to surprise daddy. My husband has recently taken up golf, which is great! He has never really had a hobby that required gear (he's a volleyball player) so I was never able to get him sport related gear gifts. But golf, golf has TONS of gear. Along with golf pants, golf balls, and a golf club cleaner, the kids and I got him some golf tees....or is it t's....anyway, those little thingys that hold the golf ball up out of the ground. I thought it would be cute if we could make daddy smile every time he pulled one out of his golf bag. This is what we came up with.....


I originally started out showing them how to make happy faces etc, but the surface of the tees is way too small so they just ended up scribble scrabbling on them. I think Josh will like them even better this way because there is no doubt that their little hands did the work.
Then, we packaged them up cute so they were all ready to be given to Daddy on Xmas morning :)

I think Josh will love them and they will make him smile while he's out having fun on the course. And, we turned a simple $5 bag of golf tees into a personal and special gift :)
We're getting closer and closer to the BIG day, my kids are SOOOOOO excited!!!!! Yay!!!


  1. that is a fabulous idea!!!!! i love it!
    i love that hayden's are ALL pink. so perfect!!!

  2. Hi, remember me? :D Such a clever and thoughtful gift!! And does that say love Wafey on yours?

  3. What a fun and happy gift! This is such a clever idea, Ali. They are all great but I love Hayden's pink ones!

  4. What a perfect gift for a golfer! Love this idea!

  5. Lucky Josh! The tee idea is terrific, Ali!


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