Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's Etsy Faves #2

Happy Friday everyone!!!! Yesterday around 3pm, all of Southern Orange County and San Diego (anyone with SDGE as their power company) had a blackout. Stores, homes, street lights, everything was BLACK. It was a super hot day so we spent most of it outside hiding in the shade. Our night was filled with quiet and candles. Our power came back on around midnight (and so did all of our lights, tv, etc). Luckily, I was the only one that woke up and turned them all off while the others slept soundly in their beds :) It was kind of a "fun" little adventure, but I'm glad it's over. Anyway, here are my Etsy faves for this week!! Enjoy :)

First fave of the day: This awesome book page garland by Stacey Winters. You all know how I love some book pages :)

Next: I love these fun maps from Vassi Slavova. CA owns my heart for sure, but I am also in love with France :)

I am also loving this pretty makeup pouch from a.e.wilder (Buntings make me happy).

This art by Studio Mela reminds me of my mom and Nana. This is exactly how they feel :)

And last but not least, this gorgeous charm necklace from Saylor Rose. Her shop has amazing jewelry!
That's it for today peeps!!
Oh yeah, some BIG news!!! A SUPER DUPER AWESOME person and I will be hanging out in real life this Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. To know her is to love her :) I can't wait!!!!!


  1. I can't wait tooooooo!!!! Yay!!! Get here soon super-duper-awesome-person! :) and all of those etsy faves are fantastic xo

  2. You and Cassie are going to have sooooo much fun together! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    Take care,

  3. A blackout sounds miserable during the heat:/ Thank goodness everything came back on eventually.

    I absolutely love and adore the book page garland. You must have good taste!?!

    Hope you are having an excellent weekend.

  4. :) Love all your picks!! And so wish I could share in your Rose bowl fun! someday!!


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