Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Etsy Faves #3

Happy Friday everyone!!! Here are some things I've been crushing on lately from Etsy :)

First up is this adorable monthly calendar from Jane Says. I would love to buy this and hang it up on my pin board by my desk. Sometimes I just want to glance and see what the date is without having to bust out my large-and-in-charge family calendar.

Next, I am in LOVE with this pretty hot air balloon print from Lovely Sweet William. "Come with me to touch the sky!"

Do you remember these bird whistles from when you were little?? I totally do!! They have these at Hey YoYo and I love 'em! These would be so awesome as party favors :)

As some of you know, my sister is expecting a baby boy in February. I think he may NEED one of these sweet gnome dolls from Tadpole Creations. You know...want/need/want - it's all the same when we're shopping for baby :)
Last up - a spooky addition to my collection of faves. You know how I love book pages and this print from Winterberry Cottage is no exception. This would be awesome in a gallery wall or on a spooky mantle.
That's all for today people!! I'll be adding some new fun & sorta spooky items to my Etsy shop today so go take a look :)


  1. awesome picks! i love those fun little dolls, perfect for a baby! and i love the items from jane says and now i am singing "jane says... i'm done with sergio!"

  2. I love all of your etsy picks this week :) a lot. That hot air balloon print needs to be ours :) I LOVE the gnome dolls! And I totally remember those whistles from childhood xo Awesome!

  3. Fun Etsy picks! Love the calendar and those gnome dolls are adorable. I have a couple baby gifts to get so will check those out. Have a great weekend!

  4. I love every single one of your picks. You need to have a party so that you can gift me one of those bird whistle party favors - I loved those when I was little!


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