Monday, September 19, 2011

Spooky Mantle: take 1

I'm calling this "take 1" because I may make some modifications once I officially pull out my Halloween decorations from the garage. In the meantime, I had a mini splurge at Michael's this past weekend because everything was on super sale. Yay! All of the creepy stuff on this mantle cost me about $13 ($13 too much according to my husband, but that's neither here nor there). Anyway, here are some pics of my spooky mantle (take 1):

Spooooooky?? Spoooooooooky!

They had these awesome beige "ghoslty" branches on sale for $2 each - score! I think the butterflies were $1 each or something like that. The perfect spooky touch :)

Of course I added my book page "Boo" letters, and I am pretty much in love with my $2.50 crow!
Hayden still clings to my leg the entire time we are in the Halloween section, so I didn't want to go too scary with it. More eeeeeerie than scary.

I love how the Eiffel tower in the pic looks kind of ghostly too. Perfect!

We'll see what other spooky treasures I can find in my stash to add to it. S-p-o-o-k-y!!!!!!!! Boo!
Happy Moan-day people!


  1.'s so cute...I tried to rework mine today too...I do not think I was as successful as you!!! FYI, the stacked pumpkins are perfect!

  2. i LOOOVE it! the eiffel tower does fit right in! and i love the black butterflies- too cool!
    and your crows are making me miss mine! i have some from last year... chris thought it was joking when i said that one of the first boxes i was going to unpack was halloween! muah ha ha!

  3. Very nice Ali! I really love the book page BOO letters. It all looks great!

  4. I much prefer an eerie Halloween look!!! It's cool that's it's kinda subtle and you have to see the details to see that it's creepy!!! :) Love it!!!

  5. I love it! I agree that the Eiffel tower definitely helps create the mood. I love this season and I love celebrating and decorating with my favorite sister! xo (p.s. I need to get me one of those crows!! Stat!)

  6. okay blogger is on my list...somehow i am missing posts, they just don't show up. Grrrr. Anyhoo! Love the mantle and 13 bucks is awesome!!!!!! those moths/butterflies are my favorite!!

  7. love it! i love how it is mostly white with just a touch of color--the perfect balance.

  8. Love your spooky mantle!! You are so ahead of the decorating game! Your BOO letters are super cute!

  9. So simple and beautiful! I'm going to come steal that eiffel tower painting!


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