Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trash to treasure

Happy Holiday weekend everyone!! This is the last weekend before school starts around here so I am trying to tackle as many little projects as I can before the madness begins (ha ha, I know it's just kindergarten, but it's our first time for everyday school and we're pretty excited for the adventure). Anyway, I have been looking for a tray to corral all of the stuff I keep on my coffee table. It's just easier to have it all together so if the table needs to be cleared to play a game or work on homework, we can do it one swoop. I found this one at a garage sale actually. I was buying a few other things so she threw the tray in for free :) Yay! It was a good size and while ovals are not my all time favorite shape, I thought for free, it would do the trick. It wasn't hideous before, but definitely not "me."

Hmmmm. What to do???

Well, I primed it and spray painted it white and then I taped off some horizontal stripes. I am still loving horizontal stripes. I think I always will :)

Next, I sprayed the whole thing black...

My stripes were a bit imperfect and you can see that paint probably was going to bleed under those bubbles in the tape. All ok with me :)
See...not a perfect paint job! Perfect for this project though, because I planned to let loose with my sander and shabby it up.

Here's the after shot:

The "after shot" without any stuff on it looked a bit crazy, so I figured I would show you it all done up. I love how some of the flowers showed up after I sanded it.

I loved the pretty turquoise color of the rim, so I'm glad it showed through too! I just love how old and weathered it looks!!
And here's the big picture for you...
I think it turned out pretty cute, and free was the right price for me :)

Oh yeah, and check out my Etsy shop soon for these spooky spiders! S-p-o-o-k-y!

Eek! Boo! Spooky! Ahhhhhhh!
Happy Labor Day everyone!!!


  1. Oooooh! I love your tray makeover! So so pretty! And I'm loving your spiders! Fabulous for a Halloween mantel!

  2. oh i love love it! love the stripes!
    and i am buying one of thos halloween guys when i am out there- LOVE them!

  3. Wow! That's a really cool transformation! I love the distressed black and white stripes.

  4. OOH OOH OOH! It came out sooo cool! I thought of you today when I saw some brass swan candlestick holders in Goodwill today.

    The spooky spiders are awesome. You are so talented!


  5. Whoa that is amazeballs! (have been wanting to use that word for months) Love the black and white and how the flowers and blue peek through! And those medallions, very halloweeny (see how I made to references to the male you-know-what in one comment?) Go me!! ;D

  6. Nice job Ali, it looks fab! I love horizontal stripes too. :)

  7. I love the tray - it's fancy schmancy!!!

    And I'm a-gonna need one of those spiders!!!

  8. This is darling! I don't think I'll get tired of stripes, either!

  9. i love the plate! cute halloween goodies, too! :)

  10. Oh my...your THRIFTY tray is soooo cute!!!



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