Sunday, September 18, 2011

The ol' Shoppity Shop

Happy Sunday everyone! It's a nice gloomy Fall-ish day here in SoCal and we're warm and cozy in our house. I just wanted to pop in to share a few more Fall/Halloween items that are new to my
etsy shop :)

First is this spooky gray glittery bunting. Spppoooooookkkky!!! Ha ha! It didn't photograph that well, it's super sparkly in person. Cassie and I saw a similar one when we were at the Rose Bowl last weekend made out of German glass glitter, so I decided to knock-it-off. This one is made out of glittery card stock from Michael's some metal eyelets, and baker's twine :)

Next I made some vintage looking pumpkin book page medallions. If I'm being honest, I won't be heart broken if these guys don't sell ;)

It isn't even October yet and I'm already getting the itch to pull out my giant tubs of Halloween decor and get all spooky up in here!! Ha ha. I'll try to hold off.....a bit.


  1. I love the sparkly bunting. Where can I find twine? I've been seeing it online and I love it.

  2. Very cute stuff Ali! I feel the same way as you about Halloween, I'm having to restrain myself from busting out all the decor. :)

  3. That's so funny you say you aren't going to bring our Halloween décor. I put out all mine last week:) you're not alone.

    Lovin' the pumpkin clippies!

  4. I'm so glad we're not the only ones who are already spookifying it! I totally just made up that word because I'm so awesome.

    I love your new items! And, because I've seen them in person, I can testify that they are even more beautiful in real life!

  5. i'll take one of everything!!! seriously- i love your shop!

  6. :) yay for almost Halloween time. Now make me a bunting!!!! ;)

  7. So pretty! I made the bunting a favorite in my Etsy account :) I love it all though!!!!!!!

  8. I'm a new follower from Madigan's blog!!! I'm in so Cal, too!! :)

    I think your sparkly bunting is adorable!!!


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