Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gettin' a jump...

I am a craft store aholic. For sure. Michael's, Joann's, even the craft section at WalMart makes me giddy. If we only had a Hobby Lobby here...sigh. Anyway, if you are like me and frequent these dreamy stores, than you too have noticed Halloween mania. It's out there in full force. There's no denying it people, Fall is on the way! I wanted to get a few Fall/Halloween items in my Etsy shop this year, and I'm pretty much showing up late to that party. If you use the search term "Halloween" on Etsy, like a zillionawesome things pop up. Here's what you can find in my shop soon....

Happy pom-poms :)

Book-page medallions. I'm working on a couple varieties of these because after I made these ones, I knew they had to be mine. So, these ones are keepers but others will find their way to my shop soon :)

You can't really tell in the pic, but I used turquoise string to hang them since that is my Halloween accent color of choice :)

I also decided to get my butt in gear and finally get my Halloween photo album up to date. I'm not much of a scrap-booker, but I started this book on Noah's first Halloween, and planned to do a page each year. My original plan was to have it out on the coffee table during the month of October so I better get a move on!

As you can see....I'm very behind!
I went to Costco yesterday and had some pictures printed out so I can finish it up in time :)
I mean really, look at this pic!!!
So anyway, I have Halloween on the brain. Ha ha! Not really, but sort of. First school, then soccer, then Halloween. K?? K!


  1. i LOOOVE it all!!! i can't wait to some see it in person! i hope i have a home to decorate for halloween! though if i do i will most likely be finding decorations still at that point. :)

  2. Ugh I am ready for fall but am not ready to decorate or sell!! I need to come up with some stuff for my shop pronto! As you know I love the pom poms, and the medallions are so pretty!! Have you seen marthas new line of paint!!?? I want it ALL!! I to am a craft store-aholic!

  3. You make such cute stuff! I may have to get something, :) also I LOVE the idea of a Halloween scrapbook that you bring out yearly. Brilliant. I may need to do that. I'm only 1 year behind right now! Haha.

  4. Ha ha - your Halloween Book reminds me of my Easter Book. First 3 years done and then .... nothin'.

    I love the pom poms and your BOO medallions!

    How I miss Hobby Lobby. :(

  5. I love everything!!! especially the pictures of those adorable kiddos of ours!! Not this year, but next year my little peanut can join the pages too :) yay!! can't wait to decorate with you sis! I love Halloween time!


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