Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seriously Awesome!!

What is awesome you ask??! Let me tell you ALL about it :)
If you read my last post and clicked on the link, you were whisked away to the land of
 Primitive & Proper & Miss Cassie Bustamante. For those of you who know Cassie's blog (which, let's face it, is most of you), you know that she is funny, sweet, smart, pretty (inside and out), a great mom, a great friend, and an AWESOME furniture re-finisher. I have to admit that I sort of had a "celebrity blogger" crush on her when our love affair began (ha ha). It all started with the occasional e-mail, a link-up to her furniture link party, and the every-so-often witty banter. Eventually it blossomed into a "blog friendship." We really related to one another, we had similar ideas about life, some similar life experiences, and we just "clicked." She brought me into her (cool girl) circle which also included a few other awesome bloggers (Andi & Lisa to name a couple) and I officially considered her my friend. Let's face it, I was hooked! We e-mailed back and forth a ton! We texted from time to time, and I can't forget to mention the instant message 3-way sessions between Cassie, Andi, & Myself.
Why am I telling you this??
Here's why :)
Cassie's brother (conveniently for me) lives in L.A. (which is about a one hour drive from where I live). Wheels were in motion for her to come out and visit him and see the house he had purchased and was fixing up. Umm...Do we take our relationship to the next level and meet in person??? Umm....YES!!! No brainer!!! And, to make it even more super duper awesome, we'll plan to meet in person for the very first time at the infamous Rose Bowl Flea Market (aka heaven on Earth - haha). Fast forward to this past Sunday and BAM! Awesome!!! My sis and I meet Cassie and her brother and his girlfriend at the flea for some shopping, talking, shopping, eating, talking, shopping, FUN! Again, it was AWESOME!!! The three of us clicked instantly and it was better than I could have imagined it.
Did we stop there you ask?? NOPE.
From the flea market, Cassie came home with us to hang out a bit and have a slumber party at my house. We spent the evening chatting, relaxing, hanging with my family, eating food, and having fun. It was perfect!

The next morning, my sweeter than sweet husband made us a yummy breakfast. Crepes. My favorite!!
And then my sis and I took Cassie into our cute little home town (Laguna Beach) to see the sights.
We walked around a bit, and let Hayden play on the playground (btw, my kids LOVED Cassie and were so excited that she got to sleep over at our house).
We took her to Wahoo's for lunch, and then it was back home for some more relaxin'! We pretty much spent the rest of the day lounging around, chatting, and chatting some more.

Later that evening, Cassie and I made the trek back up to LA to meet up with her brother for an awesome karaoke session. You guessed it, it was AWESOME!! Ha ha. So much fun to step outside our comfort zones and let loose for a bit. These pictures say it all :)

We even sang a duet from the movie Grease - "You're the one that I want....ooh ooh ooh."
We had a BLAST! Seriously, so much fun! I will remember it always!

You know when you have an idea about how something is going to turn out in your head, and then the reality totally blows that idea out of the water. That's exactly what happened here! I truly believe we will be life-long friends and I could not be more thrilled! Cassie - You freakin' ROCK! I miss you already!!!!

The next time we see each other, I'll be heading out to MD to see her neck of the woods and I can't wait :)
Cheers Cassie! Until next time friend :)  


  1. Jealous! I love Cassie, she is so sweet and talented!

  2. Awww such a sweet post!! Cassie IS that awesome! You are pretty awesome yourself you know! I can't wait for you to come out here!! Priceless pics!!! And to say I am cool is quite the compliment...have we met? ;D

  3. i miss you too!!!! i had so much fun! and you really made me cry- your words were too sweet, and exactly how i feel about you. it's hard to put into words just how good it felt to be hanging out with you and lisa- it just felt so natural and easy. and yes, lifelong friends for sure. can't wait til the spring!

  4. AHHHHHH!!!!!! So awesome! I knew you would all have a blast. The picture of Cassie doing karaoke is classic! She looks like she has done it 1,000 times before....

    Thanks for mentioning me too dear friend! Wish I could have joined all of you.

    Take care,

  5. I definitely couldn't have said it better myself. Cassie is amazing!! She is so nice and genuine and FUN!!! We all definitely clicked - so much so that it almost felt like we have been friends for a long time! I too am looking forward to when we get to go visit her in her pretty new-to-her home!! :) xo


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