Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'll get by with a little help from my friends!

Notice anything missing here??? If you read this blog, then you know that all of my charm necklaces in my Etsy shop stand for something. They each have their own unique meaning. Something to make it more than just a basic cute accessory. Something for the buyer to relate to or appreciate. HELP! I'm stuck!
Look at how adorable this little hummingbird is and she is desperately in need of some deeper meaning!! HELP blog friends, HELP!

Here's the deal. If you have some time to give it some thought, please leave some "slogan" suggestions in the comments section. I will continue to brainstorm too, but if I end up choosing YOUR suggestion, you will win one of these sweet "meaningful" hummingbirds of your very own! Thanks in advance think think think.


  1. i think something like size of character... this is a mark teain quote (i love him!)
    “It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.”
    what if you said something like...
    "let your dreams take flight, no matter how big"

  2. do not let the size of your dreams stop you from flying.

  3. When I looked up what they symbolize this is what I found:

    Hummingbirds are joy, persistence and knowledge. They can yearly migrate for 2700 miles, all the way from Alaska to Central America. Hummingbirds seize life, flying for pure joy but also for work. They can flit in mind-boggling patterns and are the only birds capable of flying backwards. They connect the past to the future and remind us to live in the present. Hummingbirds are fragile, yet fierce fighters. The beaks they use to drink nectar can also be used with deadly results against other hummingbirds.

    i like the idea of combining persistance and joy.
    Hope this helps!

  4. Well....I did some research and humming birds in native Americana culture symbolize timeless joy and the nectar of live. As well as peace, love and happiness. I love the timeless Joy personally : )

  5. Find the Sweetnes in Life

  6. Appreciation- It's the small things
    {Or} Gratitude- It's the small things
    {Or} Be Thankful- It's the small things
    {since a hummingbird is so tiny!}

  7. "Determination" - Striving for your best. :)


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