Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shocking but true

I have recently begun to notice that the majority of things in my home that I truly love love are either thrifty finds, or things that I have made or refinished myself. Items like my turquoise coffee table, black buffet, or many a thrifty swan (ha ha). I do, however, have a few things in my home that are straight up retail (ok, some of them are actually "discount" retail, but still. Not thrifty or make-shift at all). There aren't many, but a few. First up is my I-love-it-so-much linen storage bench at the end of my bed. I got this bad boy at Ross Dress For Less about 6 months ago for $99 and I am smitten with it. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for and it is the perfect storage place for my purses and scarves. This was a one in a million find too because my sister really wanted one after she saw mine and after scouring every Ross in the tri-state area, we never could find another one :(
Look at those sassy nail heads. Yummy!
This little clock on my mantel is a brand spankin' new purchase from Marshall's (with a b-day gift card). It was $12.99 and it's even cuter in person. We desperately needed a clock in our living room, and I'm totally in love with this little guy (It's hard to tell, but it's a shabby light colored distressed kind of wood).
I got these sweet birds at Hobby Lobby almost 3 years ago. Us California folks don't get to have the lovely hobby lobby here, but I scored these sweet birds when I was in Iowa visiting my sister in law and her family. They definitely own my heart :)
Next up on the I-love-you-just-as-you-are list is this pretty display case that I bought when I was in college. I saved all my nickels and dimes and got it on super clearance at Pottery barn. It has been with me a long time and I love it.
Of course I love my ledge shelves that were wedding gifts (Pottery barn again).
And my sister got me this beauty from PIER 1 last year. SO big and SO pretty!
And last but certainly not least, my leopard print curtains in my kitchen. I bought these about a year and a half ago at JC Penny (their American Living collection) and they are seriously my fave! In person they have a great linen texture to them and at $35 per panel, they were a huge splurge because I needed 4 of them (I'm not a fancy curtain kind of gal, mine are usually from IKEA or WalMart).
So, there you have it. Although my thrifty finds and refinished items are the majority around here, I actually do have a few "straight off the rack" things that I love love love (not pictured are my trio of voluminous vases from Pottery barn and the Vintage looking print of the Eiffel Tower over my fireplace).

Please excuse this totally random post, I've been a busy running around lately and this is all I could come up with, ha ha.


  1. i love the linen bench...very chic and functional too! My kind of furniture! I don't think I could ever pull them off but I love the leopard curtains and pretty much everything else! :-)

  2. I love your linen storage bench. What a find that was. That is exactly what I have been on the search now for awhile, but haven't had luck...yet. Fun leopard curtains! I so wish we had a Hobby Lobby here in CA. Every time I go visit my in-laws I make a stop at Hobby Lobby. Your house looks great!

  3. Love the bench and the big painting! And don't feel guilty for having off-the-rack stuff in your home...we've all done it ;)

  4. ok, I seriously love everything...I think we have similar tastes!! lol! I LOVE the bench...I guess I am super spoiled living by hobby lobby because I have NO idea what I'd do without it! lol!

  5. ....and don't forget your very chic (and expensive) Pottery Barn rattan chair & ottoman (wedding gift as well). You have great stuff sister, and you are the best when it comes to making everything look great together! I love you and your style!

  6. i love that arteowrk from pier 1! so fresh and happy! and the bench is awesome, too. you know i love vintage, too, but i also love any old good deal! :)
    hoping to get a post ip this weekend showing my swan- came down with a horrible migraine yesterday and was sick as a god last night. better now, but have been spring cleaming. yuck.

  7. Love it all. So nice to have things you love in your home.

  8. Ooh! You just made me remember that I have a gift card to Marshall's too!

    That glass PB cabinet is great....Nice to see some of the older pieces....

    I am loving those curtains too. Yes, they seem like a big splurge, but definitely much better than PB or Anthro prices....

    Have a great weekend....

  9. No Hobby Lobby? I guess that equals less frivolous $ spent. I walk in thinking I need one thing and end up with lots.

    I love all the stuff you decorate with!! Your craftiness is such an inspiration:)


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