Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yarn Wreaths & Thrifty Finds

Yarn Wreaths = a LOVE/HATE relationship. I finally finished embellishing my two wreaths and with only one minor glue gun burn on my finger, I think they came out pretty cute. I had a few oops along the way (& trust me when I tell you, once you hot glue something on to a yarn wreath, it's pretty much there to stay). Well people, here they are in all their glory:

This first one is now living in my kitchen. Like? Like. You know how I love initials :)

Here's the big picture for you. A bit asymmetrical, but I think it works ok.
The second one ended up in Hayden's room. All of our walls in our house are beige except in Hayden's room where they are a light pink. The cream wreath blended in too much in the rest of the house, so I girlified it for baby girl's room (& yes I am one of those people that think leopard print is a neutral).
Silk flowers, pearl brads, & a giant cameo. Yummy!
Subtle. Girly. Pretty.
Now on to my recent thrifty find favorite - my 2 pint jug. Isn't it awesome!?!?
I got it for $3 and am in love with it :)
And at this point, I may as well call it swanning, not thrifting. Every time I go out, I find one (or more) of these little guys and I can't leave them in the store (correction, I CAN leave the ones with the porcelain flowers wearing straw hats in the store, I'm not a total swan loon). I have already found places for most of them, and the larger one made it's way to my Etsy shop. I feel a bit guilty selling him, but he will be more appreciated in a home that is un-swanned. Ha ha! Happy Day people!


  1. Great job on the wreaths! I love them - especially the one in Hayden's room - it's perfect!

    That jug is awesome! I can't believe you scored it for $3! Don't be alarmed if you look around after I leave your house some random day and it's gone.

  2. i love your jug! that doesn't sound right,but you know what i mean! it's awesome!
    and the wreaths came out sooooo cute!!!!! love the fun spring-y colors and love that hayden gets her very own! it's so girly and cute!

  3. I knew there was a reason we were bloggy buddies...I am a SUCKER for pennant flags. I LOVE your wreath! I think it's perfectly asymmetrical (is that an oxymoron?)! Anyway, I love it. I love the color, the flags, the initial! And the one in your daughter's room is perfect the perfect touch of girly.

    "Swanning"? LOVE it! I seriously can't see a swan in a thrift store now without thinking of you ;)

  4. you did it!! And they turned out soo cute! And you may have the most perfectly wrapped wreaths I have ever seen! And one more thing, I big fat heart that swan you have in your shop :-)

  5. I will admit that I have never been a fan of yarn wreaths, but you have totally changed my mind. You have made me realize it's all in the color and embellishments. They are AWESOME...

    And like Cassie said, "I love your jug"

    Take care,

  6. Love them. They came out great. You see, it was worth the effort.

  7. yay! All done! they look great

  8. I love your style! Thanks for commenting on our blog! I am bookmarking this post to feature in our upcoming Easter mantles (ya know, just vignettes on a flat surface count!), we'll let you know when it's posted!


  9. I featured your pretty wreath on Sew Chatty today! Thanks so much for linking up to Made With Love!

  10. Love this! Just wanted to let you know that I am featuring it on my "Top 10 Spring Wreaths" post today at www.cheapcraftymama.com! Feel free to stop by and grab a link or button! Thanks!


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