Thursday, March 3, 2011

A magazine situation

I LOVE MAGAZINES. I'm sure many of you have this same problem. I have various ones scattered throughout my house....both bathrooms, bedroom, living room, etc. I try to keep this limited to current month only magazines. BUT, at times, they pile up and I'm left with a stack like this to tackle. When I say "tackle" I mean, go through one final time tearing out anything I want to save.
I have these binders that I have been using as my inspiration books. I've had them for years and I try to update them as my tastes change, trends change, etc. They are super precious to me and are definitely something I would grab in a fire. Definitely.
They are FULL of ideas for my home and other DIY projects. The pages below are of kitchens that I dream of (can you tell I like white cabinets, ha ha).
I have lots of ideas for my kid's spaces too. Look at this "big" girl room. Isn't it adorable!?
Lots of collections of rooms I like, textures I want to play with in my spaces etc. Just pages and pages of AWESOMENESS!
More importantly though, are the actual pages that hold inspiration pieces that I have made into my own reality. First, see this 3-tier serving piece. This clipping directly inspired me to hunt for one while thrifting.
Here's my version. Same idea as the clipping, but my take on the idea. LOVE it!
Here's that wall of thrift store art that I mentioned in a previous post.
Direct inspiration for this wall in my room (it's in progress of course, ha ha).
This clipping gave me the idea to use a "fancy" dresser as a buffet in my kitchen.
I went black with mine, but again, same idea just tweaked to suit my style.
Collecting globes! Oh how I love globes!
My son's room has our globe collection displayed in all it's glory.
This clipping inspired me to get our family initials on the wall.
I love how the original clipping has different size mats putting the images in a different area in the frame etc, but I worked with my $3 walmart frames and made it work for us.
And last but not least, this is the exact clipping that put me on the hunt for a claw foot stool.
Obviously mine isn't high-gloss orange, but still. I would have never known how cool an old stool like that could be unless I spotted it in a magazine first.So when my hubby comes to me, and in his nicest voice says, "So, uh, the magazine pile is getting pretty high." I will gladly take some time out of my day to sit with my scissors and clip. "Thank you magazines, you ooze inspiration and my cozy home and happy family thank you!"


  1. i have so many piles and have wanted to do the same for so long! totally making it a goal this spring = )

  2. Great idea!! Thanks for passing this on! I just bookmarked it!

  3. I love the idea of keeping a binder full of ideas! And I love that you can go back and see how you took an idea from a magazine and put your own spin on the idea. What magazines are your favs?

  4. i do the same thing- rip out pages! but mine are not organized.... they are all just in a box i call my "inspiration box" and when i need inspiration, i consult my box. it always comes up with a good idea.

  5. Ooooo! great idea, I have all my clipping on a memory broad or my fridge. This is way more organized : )

  6. Why is it so hard to let go of those wonderful magazines?!? It's like loosing a limb.
    I do the same thing, once they pile up I go through them and rip out my inspiration. I had a binder but really slacked off. What magazines do you find most of your inspiration?

  7. Wow are you organized and I love that you really follow your inspirations. I do the same thing as far as ripping out pages, but one goes in the junk drawer, one on the table, one on my nightstand, etc. I am going to try my hardest to use your idea and get organized!

    Take care,

  8. I'm so with you in getting inspriation and ideas from magazines and my piles are overflowing too....I LOVE getting a new mag in the mail!

    Your sweet round stool inspired me to do a little stool redo as well. Thank you so much!

  9. I have always wanted to do this! Instead I just keep my fave magazines which drives my hubby crazy! I LOVE globes too! I was just at Target and they had small globes that were under $20...I was so tempted to get a black one! lol!

  10. On no...Now I want a claw foot stool! My husband is going to kill me if I get anymore furniture, eek!


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