Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pics of the Par-tay

YAY for b-day parties!!! We had such a fun time throwing our little Hayden her 2nd birthday party at our house. Family, friends, and LOTS of yummy food!! Hooray!!!

This little sign that I made using a canvas, pompoms, and a sharpie greeted our guests when they arrived. The party was primarily in the backyard, so I didn't want people to be standing outside the front door knocking when we wouldn't be able to hear them.

We had yummy funfetti cupcakes with some paper flags that Noah and I made with scrapbook paper and toothpicks.
In this picture below, can you tell which flags Noah made?? Ha ha, adorable!
We did a "build your own sandwich" buffet that was super yummy and easy. We just loaded the buns with meat, and put the other sandwich ingredients out so people could add what they wanted (the pretty butterfly picks were from the dollar bins at Michael's).
I bought this at WalMart...but not to use in the typical way. I needed bud vases for my mantle, and for $2.37, these glass bottles were the perfect option (my hubby was sad when I dumped the orange soda down the drain, but a crafty gal's gotta do what a crafty gal's gotta do)

I took off the labels with goo gone, and used nail polish remover to remove the dates and codes that were printed on the bottles. Then I simply wrapped the bottle in some thick cream yarn that I had and hot glued the ends on the back side. I added some turquoise to a couple of them for some extra pizazz. I think they came out simple & pretty, and they're the perfect size for my shallow mantle. Add a $5.99 bouquet from the grocery store and my "mantle-scape" was done :)
My backyard signs made their debut at the party. This was a simple last minute project that I think came out pretty cute. I got a scrap piece of wood at home depot for $1 and had the nice man cut it into 4 rectangles for me. I also bought some wooden stakes for $.30 each. When I got home, I nailed the stakes on to the back of the signs, painted them white, and then went to town with my craft paint. I used my bed bath & beyond cardboard coupon to trace the smaller rectangle on the signs (using what I had on hand, ha ha). Then, I free-handed some geometric patterns on either side of the small rectangles with craft paint. After that I just used a thick sharpie and wrote some fun party words. I should have sanded the edges (I think you'll probably get a splinter just by looking at these signs), but I was pressed for time so I skipped that step.

The pinwheels were from the $.99 store and they doubled as party decor and favors. It gets breezy in my backyard, so they were spinning round and round pretty much the whole time. As the guests left, they got to take one home with them. We still have about 6 left & my kids are pretty thrilled about that.
The flower princess bouncy house was a MUST-HAVE. The kids bounced and bounced ALL day long and it made for a pretty easy bedtime :)
The lemonade stand was the hit of the party, for sure!!!
Noah had so much fun and was hard at work for quite a while. People would give him a quarter, and he would give them a different quarter back as change. He even came inside to get a quarter so he could buy himself some lemonade, ha ha! We got some really cute videos of him in action, but the files are too big to upload and share. You'll just have to trust me, he was A-dorable in action!Happy customers :)
I put my candelabra to work as a candy centerpiece. Doesn't she look cute!!??
A while back, I won my first blog-giveaway ever on Miss Mustard Seed's Blog. It was a party pack from Snickety Snacks. 24 delicious sugar cookies with edible pens for decorating them. The kids had SO much fun doing this, and so did some of the adults.

My baby girl had SO SO much fun at her party. She ate like 4 cupcakes I think, and bounced her brains out. She got tons of fun gifts (hello kitty tricycle, cash register, baby dolls, Rody, an Easel, a tea set, etc), and had a smile on her face all day.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BABY GIRL!!!!!!!! You own our hearts forever!(today we're in clean-up & rest mode....and my husband and father in law are building a fence in our front yard....reveal to come at a later date).
Happy Sunday!


  1. everything looks wonderful and it looks like you had a beautiful day for hayden's party! i love love love your signs! those cookies are also adorable, and i am going to steal the build your own sandwich- wonderful idea!

  2. We had a blast at Hayden's party! And everything was so nicely decorated - it was beautiful. Perfect for our little Hayden.
    I still can't believe how much time Peyton and Ella spent in that Bouncy House - probably a good 4 hours worth of bouncing!
    Great party, Ali!

  3. cutest party ever! I just love the adorable details you thought of!

  4. What a cute party! So sweet. I love how the cookies turned out as well. You saved them for a great occasion.

  5. How fun! I love the candelabra filled with candies! Noah looks like he was the perfect lemonade vendor, and Haydon looks like she had the best time!!!

  6. It looks like the party turned out beautifully! I love all of the fun Spring details you added. The signs are adorable and your mantle-scape looks great (not just for a party, I'd totally leave it like that all Spring!). And I'm so glad to hear the Noah's Lemonade stand was a success! Thanks for sharing all of the pics with us :)


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