Saturday, January 8, 2011

A flea with my bestie :)

You know sometimes when you go shopping (or thirfting) by yourself, and you're just in the zone?? Finding stuff, trying on clothes, scouring the racks, diving into the shelves. It's like a marathon sometimes, at least it is to me. The way some people feel when they're shopping alone, you know, not self conscious, energetic, enthusiastic, happy. That's how I feel when I'm with my twin sister Lisa. We went to a flea market last weekend and it was that kind of marathon for us. We were in the zone and getting GREAT deals! There was some seriously awesome stuff, and by the looks of our cart (my re-purposed Graco snap-n-go stroller) we were definitely in our element together. 2 peas in a pod since birth, for sure. I've already started working on my treasures (all of which needed a good paint job) and can't wait to show you how it's going. Even if you don't have a twin, I hope you have a bestie (aka best friend) that is as essential to life as mine is :)

(p.s. I'm the one in the grey sweater with the red & white striped shirt)
Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. How fun!! Thank God for best friends, right?!

  2. I'm jealous you have a sister, let alone a twin to be your bff!! haha! Looks like you have some awesome finds!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!!

  3. Awesome cart! :) You and your sis are adorable!


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