Friday, January 14, 2011

TLC for a chair

I have this chair in my kitchen (it was a hand-me-down from my mom). It's not a very noticeable chair. Not terrible. Not great. Just kind of blah, and definitely NOT my style.
As usual, my solution to this problem is to take it outside and bust out some spray paint. I decided to go with black since the "scheme" in my kitchen is mostly black, white, & beige. Wicker or rattan is really easy to spray paint, although it usually takes a lot of paint to get a good solid coating (I used about 2.5 cans).
My next dilemma was the cushion. UH-OH.
I don't sew. I plan to learn how, but am a bit intimidated by the whole process. I know once I figure it out, I'll find my groove & love it. But, for now, I don't sew (btw, if you do sew, you may want to stop reading this post). My plan of attack: THE GLUE GUN!

I got this awesome fabric on sale from IKEA (I think it was like $4 per yard).
I simply wrapped the cushion up like a package, glued it in place (heavier on the glue than I normally would to be sure it would hold well), and that's it.
Here she is in all of her glory! She went from blah and drab to chic & fab!
Can you tell I used the glue gun instead of sewing it?? I think not! I'm definitely aware that there are a few downsides to my make-shift cushion. Number one, I can't take it off to wash it if (when) it gets dirty. Number 2, if it gets stained, I can't flip it over to use the other side. I do feel that this is a "temporary" solution until I learn how to sew, and for now, it works :)
I think she looks bea-u-tiful :)


  1. ali, it looks fabulous! SOOOO much better! it was totally not you before. love the pop of the yellow pillow against it, too!

  2. Wow this is so nice! You are so lucky you can go outside to spray paint! I have to wait until April or May to do that here!

  3. I love it! I did NOT like the before, but the after is perfect!! :) nice work!

  4. What a difference! No one would ever be able to tell it wasn't sewn!!! BTW, did you see that your sweet bookshelf was featured at Primitive and Proper? Yea!!! :) Better get out those big sunglasses again!

  5. get out of town! this looks fantastic! great re-do

  6. So much better! 2.5 cans of paint - dang! It was worth it because it is a beautiful redo, but dang!

  7. I love it too! I was at a flea market with Jeff the other day and there were so many things that I pointed to and said, "My cousin could make that look awesome!" I wish I had the same eye!!

  8. That turned out fabulously! I LOVE it!

  9. I'm really liking the colors you choose when re-doing your furniture. especially the distressed look. I've tried that a few times but didn't have much luck. you are very creative though! I'm now following and can't wait to keep finding the inspiration! come by and say hello :)
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace


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