Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting Organized - Third post

RULES FOR READING THIS POST: You are NOT allowed to judge me in ANY way! Ha ha! I have "evolved" as a homemaker in many ways, but at times I tend to revert back to my college-self. Ugh. Here goes! This is my closet (shudder). I'm pretty embarrassed about posting this, but I figure what the heck!? we're all friends here, right!? Let me start off by saying that my bedroom is essentially no-mans-land. Basically for sleeping, bathing, & storing clothes. We keep the door closed most of the time because the master bathroom doesn't have cabinet locks or a toilet lock, and little Hayden is in her mischievous stage. Because of this, I let myself off the hook at times and it tends to get a bit cluttered and just plain icky. I'm currently working on 2 projects to pretty things up in there, but for now, I'll start with the basics. Organizing. Here's my closet before (sorry if your eyes bleed after looking at these pics).
Jeans & tanks & God knows what else!!
Shoes etc.
Here's my closet now. Do you hear the angels singing?? I DO! I got rid of a ton of junk. Clothes that don't fit, clothes that are hideous, old shoes (even the new-ish cute ones that give me blisters). Gone! I'm over it!
I'd like to add that my shoe collection is rather pathetic. I am more of a practical dresser these days and when I do want to spruce things up, I typically choose wedges over heels. No Jimmy Choo's or Manolo's here I'm afraid. I found these bins at Target that were the perfect size and the perfect price (I find organizational tools to be rather expensive a lot of the time). These were intended for toys I believe, but with the wheels and the handles, they'll be perfect so I can move them out when I need to vacuum. Someday they may meet my friend mr.spray.paint, but for now, I'm cool with the pink.
So there you have it. It's nothing magical. It's not a large room with a chandelier or a settee, but it works. My Target, Old Navy, & Forever21 clothes look perfect in there (if I do say so myself) Ha ha! It's a beautiful weekend people, hope you all get out and enjoy it!


  1. ali, your closet is about the same size as mine, and mine looks very closely like your before.... no judging here! that would be the pot calling the kettle black. there's just not room for all of our clothes! i need to go through it and pare down... ugh! thanks for motivating me... maybe this week?

  2. Yep, my closet looks the same, except my kids use it as a hiding spot because they can hide under all the clothes ~on the floor! Sooo pathetic!

  3. It looks SO much better!!! xo

  4. Ha ha ha...almost bought one of those toy bins for Sienna's room the other day. You sneaky organizer. ;)


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