Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Organized - second post of many

Agenda for today: Organize Noah's room - UGH! This room has pretty much been a disaster since Christmas and it is in serious need of an overhaul. SERIOUS! These "before" shots are scary so hang on to your hats people!!! Eek!
Double Eek! This one is the most embarrassing...what is all that crap!?
After: Ooooooh, Ahhhhhhh. MUCH better!
I moved his drawers to the right side of the closet because it is much more accessible. I re-organized them a bit and added labels so the stuff he needs to get to is now within HIS reach ("mommy, can you get me some socks please, I can't reach them!" Not anymore, oh no!)
Not the dreamiest labels on Earth (a bit hard to see), but they do the trick for now.
I moved the double rod into my closet because he doesn't really have too many hanging clothes and that real estate at the bottom of the closet is valuable.
I made it so he can actually open his toy box (strange concept, I know).
and I gave the toys on the bookshelf a once-over. I actually moved them and dusted (applause please....I almost never dust). We have train mania going on in the den right now, so that's why one of those bins is empty. I prefer clear bins for toy storage so labels aren't necessary and there's no confusion as to where something goes.
This is Noah's magnet board to showcase his preschool art. A random tid-bit about me is that I love to get souvenirs when we travel. Ever since Noah was a baby, I have gotten him a magnet from everywhere HE has been (not us bringing him back one when we go on a trip without him). That way he can use them to display his art, and also tell the story of all of the places he has been and things he has seen. Plus, then his souvenirs won't collect dust or take up space like snow globes or stuffed animals.
Last but not least, his bed. This is my favorite area of his room. He and I painted that peace sign together a while back, and that little scrap of brown fabric is from his nursery when he was a baby. I can't pass up a thrift store globe if it's $5 or less, and who doesn't LOVE a sock monkey!? I mean really, they're the sweetest :)So, that's it. Second room down, MANY more to go!


  1. I am SO proud of you, sister! It looks very organized! xo -lisa

  2. Well done to you Ali!! I have to tackle our Olivia's room, it looks much worse than your before pics...sigh :( Your Noah's room looks so fabulous, don't you just love that feeling when everything is where it should be! OK, you have inspired me to get in and get it done, thanks!! Hugs ~ Tina xx

  3. it looks sooo much better! i love the last picture with the low white shelf and all the globes- so nice!

  4. Looks great! I just cleaned up Zach's room tonight! It was a Lego disaster!!!


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