Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vintage tool box makeover + Cricut fun

This is the large-and-in-charge vintage tool box I got at the flea market last weekend. It was the end of the day and before I could even haggle, the lady dropped the price from $15 to $8 and said, "Take it. I want it gone." SOLD! I liked the raw wood look a bit, but for some reason I always think of tool boxes being red. I sprayed it with Krylon cherry red spray paint (about 3 coats), then used the sander to give it that "old thing I found in a barn look." I wanted to use this in my kitchen, so I thought it needed a little more pizazz....enter my new Cricut machine! Oh yeah :)
I printed out the word "Bonjour" because it made me feel happy. Hello! Good day! French is such a pretty language. Anyway, I printed it out using the basic font that came with my Cricut (which for some reason doesn't have lower case letters, but oh well).
I traced around the paper letters with a pencil.
Then I used some black craft paint to paint on the word. I made a few adjustments to the font (that ninja sword looking "J" was yucky), but other than that it was pretty simple.

I sanded the letters a bit so they didn't stand out too much. I definitely wanted to be able to read it, but I didn't want it to look like it didn't belong there.
And here she is folks!!! In all her old red tool box glory!
She lives on top of my kitchen cabinets in a place I like to call WAY TOO MUCH RANDOM EMPTY SPACE! Ha ha. What the heck is supposed to go up there anyway!? Geez.
I think she looks pretty sitting up there, greeting us from above, don't you!? Bonjour, hello, good day! See, HAPPY!
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  1. Hi Ali. That tool box is FABULOUS! What a wonderful find, an absolute bargain and a gorgeous makeover! I am so envious that you have a cricut :) Wishing you a happy week ~ Tina xx

  2. Love it! I hope you'll come link it up at the craft catwalk!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! So glad you shared with us! xoxo

  4. Very cute! It looks so cheerful on the shelf! I love what you wrote on your fridge with the letters! Funny! :)

  5. I just found your blog. I love it! I would love to find a vintage tool box like this to use as book storage in my boys room. Now I'm going to have to keep my eye open for one! :)


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