Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Organized - first post of MANY!

Baby Hayden's closet - UGH! She's almost 2 years old now, so I guess technically she's not a "baby" baby, but she'll always be MY baby. *Sigh* Ok, back to the organizing.
Here is the right side of Hayden's closet BEFORE (I'll admit, this is one of my better before shots, it gets MUCH worse than this around here people).

The left side BEFORE:
AFTER: I moved the double hanging rod (purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond) to the left side of her closet and organized the clothes according to style. Shirts, dresses, & shoes on top (& random Hello Kitty tote??). Sweaters, pants, skirts, & coats on the bottom.
That left me with plenty of room on the right side for the new (& fabulous) girly bookcase! A little reading nook for my teeny tiny little girl (although her silly big brother keeps dragging his pillow in there and is now calling it his fort). Classic.
Just look at all of that girly goodness. YUM!
The wall above it was lookin' a bit bare, so I whipped up some cute "shabby" wall art. I had a random canvas laying around so I coated it with spray glue, slapped on a scrap of cream burlap, added a heart and some curly brackets that I cut out using my cricut (oh yeah baby), trimmed it in pink grosgrain ribbon and wallah! Wall art!
It's not perfect by any means, but still girly & adorable (if I do say so myself, ha ha!)
And here's my cutie patootie popping on the scene to give her adorable version of a thumbs up (& to show you how this bookcase is the perfect size for her). First organizing project of the year down, MANY more to go! Ugh!


  1. When can you come to RI and do my house for me??? I love it, it turned really beautiful and totally organized! great job cousin

  2. :) perfect! I am in awe of you, sister!


  3. it all looks adorable!!! i love your style, and hayden... oh i want to just squeeze her! she is adorable!!!

  4. What a cutie Hayden is! The bookshelf looks so great in her room! I love the lamp, too! :)


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