Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Here's another thrifty makeover for the flea, yippeee (hey, that rhymed).
My sweet sister in law Darcy called me the other day from our local thrift shop and relayed some seriously valuable information (at least it was to me). There was a lonely ottoman/bench calling my name at the shop. Just sitting there. Calling MY name (meaning, this thing is right up your alley so you must come see & buy it). Sure enough, I saw it, and bought it. It was full of potential and it was all MINE! Muwahahahahahh.
Anyway, Here is the before:
Definitely sturdy, a bit dingy, and overall kind of blah (disregard my super blah kitchen in the background too, ha ha).

What do I do when something is blah. I chic-ify it. See.......

Chic-ified baby! Ooh La la! Ok, I know leopard print may not be for everyone, but it is definitely for me (& hopefully it's for someone at the flea market). I feel like it has sort of a Ballard Designs appeal, no?? Just look at all that shabby chic goodness ;)

I love how it came out and if I had any space left in this house of mine, I would definitely keep it. But, unless you want to see me on the next episode of "Hoarders: Buried Alive," I better sell sell sell!!!


  1. ....and again, I better buy, buy, buy!!! That thing has my name written all over it! L O V E !

  2. oh man, i think i will be on hoarders way before you! :) that bench is super cute! it's the perfect end of the bed bench! if i had room at the end of my bed i would buy it and put it there! tell lisa she better sell sell sell, too, or she will be going the wrong way! ;)

  3. Super cute! You're right, it was totally boring before. You gave it a fun, new life! And I'm sure someone will see it and it will be the perfect bench for them ;)

  4. I love this bench, Ali! It may have my name written on it! You did a wonderful job. Leopard is always fun. Beautiful transformation.

  5. grrr, baby! Love it! My garage could be on an episode of clean house, not quite to hoarders status :-)


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