Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Misc.

A little bit more randomness for you today. I'm taking a crafty break after project mania. Whew. Anyway, recently I helped my friend Kristin decorate for a birthday party she was throwing for a close friend of ours. Kristin recently started a wonderful blog and has and amazing eye for design. Follow her along on her design journey, you will NOT be sorry! You can head over to her awesome blog for the whole post about the party decor, but I wanted to share another new addition to my Etsy shop that was a result of that party:
Introducing my pom pom cake topper. Not an original idea by any means, but still cute and fun, huh!? In fact, our friend loved it so much, she took it back home to Lake Tahoe with her so she could use it on her little girl's 2nd b-day cake too :)

In other "news," Hayden got some new summer shoes and they are seriously adorable!!
She's already a little fashionista at the age of two and I am smitten! The seriously cute pink ones are from H&M and the white "big girl" flip flops are from WalMart. Cute!
I also wanted to share a picture of the beautiful flowers that my neighbor gave me from his yard. Beautiful Alstroemeria lillys. So springy and pretty on my kitchen window. Thanks neighbor :)
And lastly, I will making a trip to the gym today for the first time in a looooooonng while. I really need to whip this bod of mine into shape. Not a fan of hard work, but it must be done!

(notice the smooth clean bottoms of my gym shoes. I'm hoping to add some dirt and scuffs to these bad boys in the near future). Let the "fun" begin!
Happy Thursday people!  :)


  1. love the pom pom topper and the shoes!
    and i want a neighbor like yours!!! how nice!
    and lastly- go get some wear and tear into those shoes! :)

  2. YAY for Cake Toppers!!! I loved it so!! Thank you for the blog love, it has been a crazy week aka no posting but I will be back next week.


  3. I love your blog...


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