Monday, May 23, 2011

Luggage Rack (If only I had...............

......a guest room) Haha!!!

I currently have a guest futon in the den, and there are no doors or curtains in the den for privacy. You're just there, sleeping in the middle of my house. Sub-par guest conditions for sure. Alas, I think I will end up selling this adorable luggage rack at the flea market in July.


Some white spray paint and some upholstery webbing and BAM! It's fabulous!

Some day when I have proper guest accommodations (ok, let's face it, this may never happen), I will definitely need to have one of these guys tucked in the closet so my guests can feel like they're at a fancy bed and breakfast. For now, I'll just try to keep my kids from dog-piling my guests early in the morning, and that's about as good as it gets around here :)


  1. well i for one, am looking forward to sleeping in the middle of your family room! won't bother me a bit!
    and i love the luggage rack!
    and i hope you are looking forward to one day sleeping on the pullout in our playroom! i will try to make sure all the creepy toys are shut off for the night.

  2. Really cute Ali! I used that upholstery webbing as a Christmas card holder. I'm with Cassie, I would just be happy to be visiting :-) And besides our guest get to sleep on an aero bed in the playroom. Now that's fancy!!

  3. Very cute! You really made it shabby chic and something that people would actually use. I'm sure someone with a guest room will love it! Our "guest room" is only slightly better than yours...ours has curtains ;)

  4. I got a luggage rack when I was out garage saling this weekend and this was exactly what I had planned with it too!! too funny. And I am moving to a place in a month that will have a guest room and I'm SO excited to use it there! Thanks for the inspiration, not to mention a visual of what I want:)

  5. Hi Ali,

    I'm visiting from Primitive and Proper and when I saw upholstering webbing in the photo, I knew I had to check out your project! :) Love that stuff. Your luggage rack is adorable and bright and fresh now--so cute. :)

    Carolina Country Living

  6. I love this! I have a tiny luggage rack I found a while back that had terrible yellow velvet on it. The upholstery webbing would be perfect! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. It turned out perfect!!! I love it (and may have to purchase it for my very self!)


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