Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy blah day.

(apologies in advance for this random post)
It was kind of a strange day today. Rainy for part of it, sunny & windy for the other part. All in all, I just felt blah. You know what I mean?? Anyway, I managed to drag my lazy butt to the gym (yay me) and I was able to get a few pacifier clips done for my Etsy shop. Josh took the kids out to visit his Grandpa for a bit so I was able to hammer my snaps in peace :)

I need a little help. I'm struggling with the decision to sell the awesome bird flash cards or keep them all for myself. Hmmmm.

I don't have a particular need for them at the moment, but they're just so darn cute. Don't you think they would make cute book marks if they were laminated? I don't know. Keep or Sell?? Help!

I'm almost finished making over my caned chair and luggage rack from the estate sale last weekend, and I also got a ton of awesome thrifty finds from goodwill that I will share soon.

Stay tuned people :)


  1. keep the flashcards!!!! they are too awesome and unique! you could frame them all together in a giant frame, make a banner... keep keep! because if you don't i will buy them and you will be jealous.

  2. I think if you love the cards that much, you should definitely keep them! Hang on to them for a little while and if you don't find a use for them, you can always sell them later.


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