Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Chair & Some Thrifty Finds ;)



I'm jumping the gun a bit because I haven't completely "finished" this project. My sewing machine is on the fritz so I couldn't officially re-cover the seat cushion. I just tucked the pretty fabric around the edge of the cushion for the picture. This is a chair that I might (I said might people) re-sell, so I didn't want to get all "Ali" on it and glue gun the cushion cover. Ha ha. I definitely think it looks much more elegant in black. Definitely a re-birth for this little guy :)

(doesn't it just  look like it belongs here??)
In other news, I had a GREAT day at goodwill earlier in the week. Our goodwill isn't the best usually, but this time I scored! First up, an awesome white "artichoke" vase. Gorgeous!

Next, 3 sizes of embroidery hoops :)
A cheese dome (cloche) that will get painted and look fabulous!
A photo holder thingy...
Awww, young love. This is one of our engagement photos :)
Sweet itty bitty baby Noah. Sigh.
A swan peg thingy...for Hayden's room of course :)
And last but certainly not least, this awesome "McCoy-esque" vase, and an acorn finial thingy (do you like all my technical names for things, ha ha). My sis and a friend of ours are trying to get a booth at a local flea market in either June or July, so most of these pieces will be sold there. Yay! Fun! Can't wait!
So, that's all for now. A cool chair & some thrifty finds :)
Bye for now!


  1. I love the chair transformation! Really brings it into 2011!! :) And I can never pass up a cheese dome!!

  2. the chair looks awesome- and perfect in your home! :) love all the thrifty finds, too and wish you luck at the flea market if you get in!!
    so funny story- i noticed that you and your sis are both married to josh's. i have a friend named amanda. she dated a jeff all through college who had a twin brother jason. she ended up marrying a jason who had a twin brother named jeff!!! true story! i was in the wedding and found it hard to refrain form any jokes about it, but i did. :)

  3. The chair looks so elegant and awesome black. Love how the fabric pops...

    I have to say, that picture of you and Josh looks like one of those perfect photos that comes in the frame when you buy it at the store.

    To cute!

  4. YEEEAH! I'm glad to see the goodwill is being good to you ; )

  5. Love the Chair- black is great..
    Beautiful Job..

  6. The chair looks perfect for your space! Great redo! I've been seeing cute hoop decor will have fun with all yours! Looks like you had a successful gw trip!

  7. :) I'm jealous because I went to the same Goodwill the day before you did and found N-O-T-H-I-N-G!! They saved all of the good stuff for you, I guess! LOL Yay you!! ;)

  8. Wow! Wish I had good luck like that at Goodwill.

  9. Yeah that chair looks pretty happy in it's spot. :-) Gorgeous transformation!!! And major scores at Goodwill!! Ours is that way too, at least for me. Most days there is nothing but when there is something I usually hit the mother load!! Like a complete set of cinderella pyrex bowls for 20 bucks!

  10. The chair looks waaaay better and I do agree that it looks happy where it is ;) Seems like you scored big at your Goodwill. I love the artichoke vase. It looks like milk glass. Very cute!

  11. Your chair looks fabulous, Ali! It looks like it was meant to be for your house...perfect in that spot. The fabric is fun that you used for the cushion. You found some great treasures. I love that McCoy-esque vase!


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