Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A couple new necklaces made it into the shop today :).

(this one with the keys isn't exactly new, it just got a re-vamp for Graduation season).

I also wanted to add a couple more pictures of Hayden's room....the random little stuff that didn't make it to the original post. This first pic below is of the bird-a-lier before it became a bird-a-lier. See what I mean about it not being right?! I even took the time to sew (glue gun) a scrunchy for the cord...wasted time. Ugh. Oh yeah, and this was before my hubby added the bottom drawer pulls. I was impatient and started using it before it was done-done.

My sweet sister also got this pretty bird wall hanging from Pier 1 for our sweet Hayden ($29.99). Thanks auntie, it RULES!!
It is hanging right over her bed and looks perfect in her new little/big girl room :)

Since we added the dresser for her clothes, the little white cabinet now holds only decorative items (& items that are too fragile for little hands)...perhaps a swan or two.
See my bird thingy from the flea market on the top shelf?? I just love that thing!

And lastly, this is what really happened during our top-of-the-dresser photo shoot. She did NOT feel like cooperating and I really wanted to get the shot before nap time so I could blog while she slept. Is it child abuse to force your kid to pose?? Ha ha, Classic!

Happy hump-day everyone! It's sort of kind of almost Friday!!


  1. i think it is child abuse when i tell my kids to get out of my shot of a piece of furniture. i totally feel ya!
    and i looove the pot o gold necklance!!! what a great idea!!!!
    why can't you move here so we can be crafty together and trade necklaces for frames and whatever else i might have!!! why!!!

  2. Hi, I just found your blog! Your little girl's room looks so pretty! I have to say, we have exact opposite problems with the posing issue. My little girl wants to be in EVERY picture, whether I want her to be in it or not! I'm your newest follower, and a new blogger. I would love to have you check out my blog if you get the chance and follow back.

  3. Love the new shop items. The key necklace is such a great graduation gift ( waaaay better than a pen or whatever else people give these days!).

    And while Hayden's bird-a-lier did look cute as a light, I can see that it would be way too bright. Sometimes the best projects come out of the worst mistakes!

    Love the "real" picture of her posing in front of the mirror, BTW!

  4. Hayden's room looks super cute!! Makes me want a girlie room! lol! Love the new necklaces!!

  5. That pot of gold necklace is so pretty!!! And I love your little inspirational messages, they are always so um inspirational ;-) I totally take pics of the girls at probably not the most ideal time for them but ideal for me so I can blog while they rest! Her room is really sweet Ali!

  6. I love the key necklace.


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