Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little bit of this and that

As I mentioned before, we are planning on getting a booth at our local flea market in July. So, this totally gives us a valid reason to thrift like crazy! Woo hoo!!
Here are a few mini-makeovers that I gave to some of my treasures for the flea :)

BEFORE: ick!

AFTER: Fabulous!

BEFORE: (I actually ended up getting 2 of these guys)

And lastly, some keepers. I went to an Estate Sale the other day and got a smokin' deal on these 3 butterfly prints. These are going to live here with me! Hmmm....now where to put them??

Happy Tuesday people!



  1. love the turquoise cloche with the pink birdie- sooo darn cute!

  2. I love the brass bowl turned fabulous! And I have a cloche just like yours that I piked up awhile ago at Goodwill that it still sitting in my garage. You have inspired me to pull it out and cutify it! You guys are going to rock that flea market!

  3. Loving the blue with the lemons. Fresh!

  4. Everything is awesome, but that pedestal bowl has such a paris chic vibe to it...

    Take care,

  5. You seriously have been thrifting like crazy! lol! I love the colors!!

  6. cute cute cute!!! and i spy a bunting! ;)

  7. love the lemon bowl and the other changes you made too - and I really love the bench in the first post! excellent work - good luck at the Flea Market :)

  8. I dream of finding one of those cheese plate thingies ... Endless possibilities

  9. You are SO good at the trash to treasure thing!!! I am headed to goodwill today and can only hope to be as successful as you!


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