Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kids & Art

This past Tuesday we went to Noah's preschool Open House and he was SO excited to show us what he's been up to. His teachers always go all out in setting up the room and this year it was an art gallery/science museum. Awesome!! The kids have been learning about famous artists. They were shown a famous painting, and then asked to copy it. Take a look: This is the painting by Picasso that they were shown:

And here is Noah's version:

Here is the Miro they saw:

And here is Noah's version:

And here is the Monet:

And here is Noah's version:

And last but not least, they had to paint themselves into the Last Supper:

Oh, and in the multi-purpose room, they had all sorts of old photos from the good old days. I found my class picture from MANY years ago :) Thanks to my mom for allowing my sister and I to look like little boys for most of our youth, ha ha! We are in the center row (I'm on the left and Lisa is on the right).


  1. What the What! Your kid is AMAZING!

    And, your new button is AWESOME. You're so fancy like that.

  2. adorable!!!! his miro is awesome! and i love that flashback pic of you- we all had some pretty sweet hairstyles back then, huh?
    also love your button. and there is a chance i am coming to cali in september. i am trying to work it out so i can come and stay with my bro for a week. chris said he could take a week off and i could saty there for 5 or 6 days!!!!!!

  3. What a cool idea! I love Noah's reproductions. Those are keepers for sure. And I think you look cute in your pic!


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