Saturday, May 7, 2011

Camp out - NO girls allowed!

Josh and Noah are having a camp out in the backyard as I type this. My 2 sweet boys are cuddled up in a tent in our backyard while Hayden and I are inside our warm cozy house. Josh went all out and planned such an awesome father/son bonding experience and Noah is probably the happiest kid on the planet. A Tent, Campfire, Smores, the works!! AWESOME!! We'll see if they make it through the night :)

 Hayden got to check out the tent for a few minutes before the "no girls allowed" rule was enforced. She loved it.....I see a girly camp out in our future :)
 "Look mom, there's even a window!!"

Nighty night!
UPDATE: They made it through the night and actually both slept in until after 9am. They only came inside once to use the restroom around 5am. Noah said to me "hi mommy, we just came inside from our tent so I could go pee pee." His voice still sounded super excited that they were camping out. SO cute!


  1. Hooray! A camp-out... with s'mores! I love it :) Stay safe, boys.

    -Annie @ {PP}

  2. Awww. Best Daddy Award goes to your wonderful husband. Happy Mommy's Day Ali. You have raised two beautiful, well mannered, special little angels!

  3. Great pictures that will be special forever. I know, because I treasure the ones of Josh, his sister and cousin in backyard campouts! Thank you for sharing these, Ali!

  4. that is the best idea ever! great male bonding! i am sure noah will never forget that night.

  5. That is so cute and I'm sure it meant the world to Noah! What a great tradition to start. And you and Hayden got to have a fun, girl's night, so it sounds like it was win-win :)


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