Saturday, May 14, 2011

NEW Blog Alert!!

My wonderfully amazing twin sister Fiiinaalllly started a blog. Yipppeeeeeeee!! Now, as long as you all promise not to end up liking her more than you like me ( ha ha), you should head on over and become her follower. Her blog journey is just beginning, but it's gonna be a good one people!!! Cheers sister! Welcome to Blogland :)


  1. Hooray! I love that picture. :)

    -Annie @ {PP}

  2. You two are the cutest in your little bathing suits and big flip flops! I'm off to your sister's blog. Happy Sunday, Ali.

  3. I love new blogs to follow...I'm on my way.

  4. Thanks sister!! Thanks for sharing your friends with me!! I hope they aren't dying of boredom after reading my entries - LOL. I PROMISE to make it interesting, I do!! xo


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